About CBR

Consolidated Business Resources is lead by three highly qualified and dedicated individuals that have one purpose - to serve our customers in meeting their furniture needs. Tom Zotts, Bob Richardson and Anthony Rocco have almost 81 years of furniture distribution and installation experience between them. The contract furniture business has changed considerably over the course of those years. CBR understands today's market and economy and how important it is to have furniture choices for our customers. Anthony Rocco, former Operations Manager for Dancker Sellew and Douglas, is in charge of all new furniture distribution and warehousing for our N.J. location. Bob Richardson, also a former Operations Manager for Dancker, Sellew and Douglas N.Y, has an acting role of being the liaison between sales and operations. Tom Zotts is the reputable owner of Sunrise Office Furniture who has celebrated 30 years in this business. Sunrise Office Furniture specializes in large liquidations nationwide for many fortune 500 clients. CBR branched off of this company as a way to not only offer the same exceptional services but top-quality product selections for our clients. CBR's main focus is on creating relationships. Continued business operations are one of our most valued assets. The very essence of our company is based on a sustainable principle. We pride ourselves on being a conscientious company that believes that our actions today can impact our environment tomorrow. Being green goes beyond simply earning money for us. We are socially accountable for our role in preserving the environment.

Tom Zotts

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Bob Richardson

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Anthony Rocco

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